Rhoden B asked:

What were the causes of violence in the Great Cultural Revolution? Could violence similar to this happen in any society under the right conditions?

Xinro asked:

Could someone provide me with information on how marriage worked in China before and after the Great Cultural Revolution, and the differences as well as reason for them? Links are fine as long as they’re from reputable sources.

Brainiac1986 asked:

I’m trying to figure out if it was a period of time when china was beginning to modernize its culture, or revert back to traditional ways.

Could anyone explain some of the chinese culture during the cultural revolution as well?

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further decrease.

sensitivelyambiguous asked:

how did he actually spread the idea to the masses particularly in beijing? via speeches? via newspapers? how did the youths get to know about the cultural revolution, which eventually led to the formation of red guards.

Jennifer asked:

During the 1958-1960 famine during the Cultural Revolution, how did it affect the production of steel, agriculture, etc. of the farmers?

First X asked:

I was just reading a very old issue of Reader’s Digest that had an interesting description about German seize of St. Petersburg. Food was so scarce that many took to cannibalism.

Has there been anything like that during Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward?

garychen340 asked:

describe the culture of the 1950s with regard to music, lifestyle, television, values, the role of women and counterculture. was the 1950s a time of conformity and an attempt to return to traditional values or the beginning of a cultural revolution?