What was the chinese cultural revolution?


Brainiac1986 asked:

I’m trying to figure out if it was a period of time when china was beginning to modernize its culture, or revert back to traditional ways.

Could anyone explain some of the chinese culture during the cultural revolution as well?

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La La La

The cultural revolution was in the 1960s (I don’t remember the exact dates). This was Mao’s push back against the more reform (aka more free-market) minded people in the government and China in general. Mao essentially wanted to assert his authority and orthodox communism (or his version of it) again.

People who believed in more free market practices and intellectuals in general were seen as threats and so were purged, often brutally. For example, students would revolt against teachers and humiliate them or force them to do menial labor.

It was a disastrous, chaotic time, and the Cultural Revolution isn’t taught in Chinese schools (I think), like how Tiananmen isn’t taught, since they are both embarrassing moments in modern Chinese history.

A. T.

For a far better answer to your question than has been already given, and for a good explanation on some of the Chinese culture during the Cultural Revolution, see:

Morning Sun
A Film and Website About the Cultural Revolution


Sadly the Cultural Revolution was nothing “cultural” and not a “revolution” at all. It was a political game Mao played to regain his lossing influence and to purge all his political enemies.

The innocent and non educated youths (the Red Guards) were given extreme power to murder, rob, rape, imprison and torture any one who was defined as “Public Enemy”.

This was the most shameful period after Communist China was formed. All madness stopped when Deng Xiao Ping came into power in the late ‘70 to put the country back on track for proper developments.

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